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Telford Royal Ascot Limo Hire


Whenever you hit the month of June, and you are a horse racing fan, you should feel that little tingle of anticipation slowly creeping through your body. Whether you are a gambler or just an admirer of the sport it is hard not to get caught up in the level of emotion that is manifested from Royal Ascot pink Hummer limo hire. For years you have watched the TV with envious ilk at all of the people who have managed to get there and experience the high life and rubbing shoulders with the nobility and the like whilst looking rather resplendent.

Well now is the year you have decided to bite the bullets and go along to the Royal Ascot with a bevy of your best friends in tow. Well, you have come to the right place to really make everything complete. This is because we at Telford black Hummer limousine hire have the perfect Hummer limousine hire cars in our vast Cheap Hummer limousine hire fleet that we will think will complete the picture. So please let our pink Hummer limousine hire chauffeur pick you and your friends up from Arlington in the morning and, before you know it, you will be at Royal Ascot. The same goes for if you are all getting picked up after spending a night in a wonderful Whitehouse Hotel in Watling Street, Wellington.

Imagine going forth to Ladies Day, you and your friends looking absolutely ravishing in your dresses and fantastic hats, and taking advantage of our Telford Royal Ascot limousine hire package inside a wondrous Pink Hummer limousine hire vehicle. This cavernous cheap limo hire car can pick you and 15 of your friends up from your homes in Telford and then deliver you in the complete prestige and style that is becoming of you all outside the front entrance of Royal Ascot itself.

If you are a couple who want to bask in the splendour of this amazing horse racing festival then we can rustle up some Telford prestige limousine hire to give to you for this endeavour. Perhaps you would love to be seen turning up inside a Ferrari limousine hire car or Lamborghini limo hire car or perhaps a classic Rolls Royce Phantom limo hire car. The choice is yours, it’s your day and we would love to serve you well.

Telford Royal Ascot Limo Hire