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Some people believe that ‘children are our future’. As tacky and clichéd as this statement is, it’s true. It is our sons and daughters who will take charge of the world and try and make it better than we have had the chance to be able to do. Therefore, you should make your child’s childhood the most amazing, beneficial and special time in their life so they can grow up into fine and upstanding members of the community in Telford just like their parents. This is why, whenever a party opportunity event rears its head in their lives, you should take full advantage of it and look for some new and exciting ways to entertain them.

Hummer Limo Hire

This is where we here at Telford white Hummer limousine hire come in. We have the power to take a large amount of the effort and responsibility out of you hands simply by you getting hold of our pink Hummer limousine hire cars for your kid’s birthday. You see, our Black Hummer limousine hire cars are like a playground for up to 16 kids. They will feel just like the movie stars they see on the High School Musical films as you have our Cheap limousine hire chauffeurs take them to a child friendly restaurant. Perhaps they would like to try their hand at Bowling at the superb Ten Pin Bowling complex at St. Quentin's Gate. You could run a mini competition where the winner gets another gift whilst the others that take part all get sweets. They will probably be hungry afterwards. If that is the case then it is a very handy thing that Telford is bursting to the brim with fast food eateries for the easy and cheap options. You will find McDonalds, Burger King and KFC all ready and waiting for your custom in Wrekin Retail Park in Arlington. Then you can round off the evening with a film at The Odeon in Telford town centre in Foregate where the kids can see the latest animated adventure such as Ice Age 3.

H3 Hummer Limo Hire   H3 Hummer Limo Hire

Maybe you would like them to run wild inside our Party Bus limousine hire cars. It will seem like they are entering another universe and you can be rest assured that our cheap limousine hire vehicles are only passing the strictest of safety checks and that all of our Telford pink Hummer limousine hire chauffeurs are stringently CRB checked with the police.

We have black limo hire, White limousine hire and pink limo hire, Hummer limousine hire and Jeep limousine hire that we think will be fantastic for your Kid’s party and will have more than enough room for supervising adults to come with them. So please, take advantage of our phenomenally low prices and  book our Hummer limo hire today for your needs.


Telford Birthday Limo Hire