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Welcome to the home of Telford limousine hire. You can thoroughly pat yourself on the back for discovering the best and cheapest limo hire company in the Midlands who just yearn to serve your entertainment needs. We have the latest pink limo hire and Hummer limousine hire vehicles just waiting for you here in our vast fleet. All that is left for you to do now is to find which one of these luxurious cheap limousine hire vehicles will be right for you, your friends and your social endeavours. On this Telford limousine hire website, we will strive to explain to you just what delightful choices we have for your Hen Night limo hire, Stag Night limo hire, School Prom limo hire and Wedding limousine hire needs. So please, feel free to look around and see how we prove time and time again that when it comes to Telford Hummer limo hire, we should be the only cheap limousine hire company on your mind.

Telford Pink Hummer Limo Hire cover the Wellington,Newport, Donnington, Shifnal, Madeley, Albrighton, Much Wenlock, Shrewsbury Malinslee, Dawley, Hollinswood, Hinkshay, Strichley, Brookside, Little Dawley, Dawley Hamlets, Leegomery, Little Worth, Hadley, St George's, Haughton Hill, Decker Hill, Hilton Bank, Lillehurst, Wappenshall and many more Telford areas.

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What to See in Telford - Unbeknownst to many in the Midlands, Telford is actually thriving and teeming with things to do, see and experience. The best thing about our Telford Black Hummer limo hire company is that we can happily take you to all these places of interest within one of our black limousine hire cars or Hummer limo hire vehicles. Our cheap limo hire chauffeurs have an extensive knowledge of the area so when you say you want to go to a specific point in Telford, you can be rest assured that our Telford limousine hire service will take you there swiftly and quickly. Now, of the myriad of things to do and see in Telford, our personal delights are; The Telford shopping centre, easily one of the biggest and best such shopping centres in the entire length and breadth of the Midlands. You have the Telford International Centre (TIC) This venue currently houses the UK snooker championship each and every year. You may also like to cast your historical eye over The Iron Bridge, which is the first bridge of its size made out of cast iron.  For the ice lovers amongst you, please visit Telford Ice Rink for a truly fantastic and magical time. Above all else, please remember it would be our distinct pleasure here at Telford limousine hire to take you in a Hummer limo hire car. All you need to do is give us that call.

Food and Drink in Telford - As everybody knows, one of the sure-fire ways to celebrate a great happening in someone's life is by taking them to a restaurant and giving them a really good meal. So thankfully, Telford boasts some of the finest eateries in the Midlands and the friendly staff are just ready and waiting to serve you well. They are almost as eager to please as our Telford limo hire company who will make sure that your start to your trip out to a fine dining establishment begins in the best possible way. We can assure you this by offering you the pink hummer limousine hire car so there is room for up to 16 people to experience the magic of cheap limousine hire as well as a bubbly beginning to proceedings by laying on copious amounts of complimentary champagne around the cheap limo hire interior. Chez Maw is located alongside the River Severn at the Valley Hotel in Telford. The A La carte menu offers a wide range of dishes from English, Continental and a wide range of vegetarian dishes. If you want a truly delightful culinary experience then we suggest Bada Bing, a fantastic eatery on New Street in Telford town centre. At this establishment the cuisine is mainly an English, Italian and Mexican menu that is facilitated by completely local produce. For a truly exciting menu however, we suggest that you give The Malthouse restaurant that is found on The Wharfage a go where you can enjoy very fine dining for prices that will really make you smile.

Night Life in Telford - If you are looking for a truly fantastic night out then we are glad to be able to say that Telford offers some of the most vivid, vivacious and vibrant nightlife available to you in the Midlands. This means that if you have planned for a girl's night out, a Hen Night or a Stag Night to take place in one of the many nightclub venues in the town, you won't be disappointed at all. We urge you to take a pink Hummer limo hire car to The Coco Lounge and really have a fantastic start to your night out in Telford. Can you imagine the aesthetic effect you will have stepping out of a Telford limo hire car, right outside the front entrance. If you fancy getting your dancing shoes on then we suggest that you pop down to Fusion where you can get your fix of the latest R&B and Drum and Bass. However, to truly experience the VIP experience in Telford, we think that you should pay a visit to Telford's premier nightclub destination, Pussycats which is found on . Pussycats nightclub is Telford's leading nightclub with a wide range of drinks from the 5 bars, you really be spoilt for choice. Plus the night club has full access for disabled people. So why not reach for the laser lights, while you listen to your favourite music. Destiny Nightclub on Station Approach is also a very highly thought of establishment. Cheap drinks and a fine atmosphere make this place what it is and it yearns to have your custom.

Hotels in Telford - After a hard day of sightseeing or taking in some of the night time delights that Telford has to offer, you just want to flop out and have a thoroughly good nights sleep on a comfortable bed. Well, it just so happens that Telford has some of the best and well revered hotel destinations in the Midlands. For instance, Grays Hotel and Conference centre is well known for its superior level of customer service and essential if you have business planned in Telford. What's more our Telford Wedding limo hire company can help you find it as you travel in our black limo hire car and then help you up to your room with your bags courtesy of our cheap limousine hire chauffer. Other such hotels of great repute are; The Telford Whitehouse Hotel and the Telford Hotel and golf resort. The Clarion hotel is a 16th century with a beautiful lake side view. The hotel is ideal place to relax and unwind after a hard day of shopping in Telford. The hotel offers a Jacuzzi bath with really will help you take it very easy, why not enjoy a glass of wine at the bar. Whatever you do, let our Telford limo hire company help you out with getting around in a Hummer limousine hire car. We want to be instrumental in making your time in Telford the best that it can possibly be.

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Telford Wedding Limo Hire - There is no need to panic as much anymore because Telford limo hire are on the case to deliver you a stellar white limousine hire service for your wedding needs in Telford. We are here to help take at least a little bit of the worry and anxiety off of your mind by promising you that your wedding limo hire needs will be more than adequately fulfilled by our Cheap limo hire company. Whether you are staging your big day at The Best Western Valley Hotel, located in the famous and utterly beautiful Ironbridge or Buckatree Hall Hotel, we will promise to serve you well with our white prestige limo hire and white Hummer limousine hire vehicles. Click on the article and see how we intend to keep our promise. The Telford and Wrekin register office is situated in Parkside Court, Hall Park Way will take care of all your civil ceremony needs and if you are wanting a quiet wedding, after all, it's the reception afterwards that is the most fun isn't it?

Telford School Prom Limo Hire - Undoubtedly one of the most important days in a school leaving Telford student's life and you can be rest assured that we understand the gravity of the situation. After serving scores of Telford school prom limo hire jobs over the years, we have honed our craft so very well that we can assure you that any Telford limo hire vehicle that you book for your school prom, you will be assured to have a truly magnificent and resplendent time inside the wonderful interior of our pink Hummer limo hire cars. Read on in our cheap limousine hire article and see just how serious we are. Just a selection of the schools we serve in Telford are; Abraham Darby Academy, Adams' Grammar School, Charlton School, Madeley Academy and Newport Girls' High School

Telford Royal Ascot Limo Hire - Here at Telford Royal Ascot limo hire, when you order our Telford Royal Ascot limousine hire package, you know you are in for one hell of an experience. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best in cheap limousine hire to take you from your homes in Telford to one of the best horse racing spectacles not only in this country, but in the world. We want you to take full advantage of our cheap limo hire deals on Ladies Day at Royal Ascot inside our pink Hummer limousine hire cars and black Jeep limousine hire vehicles. More of a bunch of party animals? Then choose our black Party Bus limo hire experience and taste the good life. Please read on in our Telford limo hire article to learn more how you can have a great day at Royal Ascot. We are able to come round in a Chrysler limo hire vehicle to your home in Donnington, Wellington or Albrighton and take you right to the front entrance of this incredible venue in the utmost style.

Telford Night Out Limo Hire - If you are looking for just a simply great night out with your friends in the Midlands then you can't do much better than by coming to our Telford Night out limo hire company and letting us show you all there is to see for the safety and utterly luxurious comfort of one of our Hummer limo hire or Party Bus limousine hire cars. There are countless bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs available for your perusal. All that you have to do is let our cheap limo hire chauffeur show you them. Please read on and see how your night out in conjunction with our Telford limo hire company can be amazing. Perhaps you would like our Telford pink Hummer limo hire vehicle to take you on a wild  trip to the cinema or bowling; we are able to run trips from your home in Telford to Telford Ten Pin Bowling or Megabowl at St. Quentin's Gate. If you want to take in a film then please proceed to the Odeon in Telford that is located in Foregate in the town centre. Whatever you plan on doing, you can be sure that our Telford black Hummer limo hire company will serve you well.

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